Friday, July 15, 2011

Public input for I-69, “Driven by Texans” needed

NACOGDOCHES – The Texas Department of Transportation’s Segment Committees are seeking public input on the development of the proposed interstate system.
I-69 is a proposed national interstate system that will be developed as a series of improvements using existing highways, including US Highway 59, as much as possible and seeks to utilize citizen input throughout the process.
Five groups of citizens have been making recommendations on how the interstate could best be developed, each segment committee, has its own set of special needs and challenges. Projects identified by the segment committees are merely conceptual at this point, and public input is needed as the process continues.
The I-69 Segment One Committee, which stretches from Texarkana to Lufkin, includes Nacogdoches County Judge, Joe English and City of Nacogdoches City Manager, Jim Jeffers.
There is no current funding to build I-69, however there is a possibility of getting a section of I-69 built in Texas soon.
Designating existing suitable freeway sections as I-69 will establish the interstate in Texas. From there, using the citizen’s plan for I-69, TXDOT and state leaders can begin to identify funding sources to continue improvements on additional sections of I-69. TXDOT’s motto for I-69 is “Driven by Texas,” since the concept requires citizen involvement in the decision making process. “Since I-69 will be Driven by Texans, the residents of Nacogdoches’ input is crucial in this process; at both the beginning stages and later down the road,” said City Manager Jim Jeffers, “we highly encourage everyone to let their voice be heard.”
Local representatives from the Segment One Committee are available now to make presentations to your group or organization.
You can also go online and provide invaluable feedback on the proposed I-69 interstate system by visiting: http://www.txdot.go/DrivenByTexans.%20
You can also call 512-334-3841 to receive a comment card by mail. To schedule a local Segment One Committee member to speak to your group or organization please contact Jan Pigg at 936-559-2506 or email at For more information on the I-69 proposed routes, issues driving the interstate development, or how to get involved in the planning process visit or you can follow the Texas Department of Transportation on Twitter and Facebook:!/txdot

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